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[Eng Trans] SHINee ‘Elle Girl Japan’ Name Card Game #2

1. Who is most athletic?

Jonghyun: He likes exercising most and is good at it too. And very competitive.

2. Who is most shy?

Minho: One, two, three.

Taemin: Well, I don’t know.

Key: Why not!

Jonghyun: Look who is blushing!

Key: When those he met first time ask a question, he doesn’t answer.

Jonghyun: He can’t. He just laughs.

Key: (imitating) He does this. They ask me, Why doesn’t he speak? I don’t know.

3. Who is most active?

Key: If he makes a decision, he puts it int action right away without thinking.

4. Who is most fashionable?

Minho: I want to change.

Taemin: No way.

Jonghyun, Onew: me too.

Jonghyun: The situation has reversed!

Onew: It’s 3:2.

Minho: Taemin-goon won!

5. Who is most reliable?

Minho: Oh, all different!

Key: All four excluding me.

Jonghyun: Then I’ll change to Key-goon…Uh, then I’m excluded! Let’s rely on each other like a circle.

Onew: This way.

6. Who makes most mistakes on stage?

Key: Right, this is unexpected, but it’s right.

Jonghyun: Taemin-goon…

Minho: I have lots of parts on the same movement line with Taemin. Then I get to make mistakes.

Jonghyun: Taemin is confident even when he makes a mistake. He looks like doing a solo.

Minho: He’s smiling, so he makes me think, Ah, is that right? and then I get to make a mistake. It wasn’t my fault.

Taemin: Sorry.

Jonghyun: Don’t do it.

[Rough translation by jujugal]

[List/Eng Trans] SHINee ‘Elle Girl Japan’ Name Card Game

[List/Eng Trans] SHINee ‘Elle Girl Japan’ Name Card Game

110613 SHINee “ELLE GIRL JAPAN” Name Card Game (part 1)

110613 SHINee “ELLE GIRL JAPAN” Name Card Game (part 2)

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The questions in the game:

1. Which member is most competitive?

Members ask Minho, why are you so competitive?

Minho: Because I get irritated if I lose. Don’t you feel so? I can’t sleep at night.

2. Which member gets sulky oftentimes?

Minho: But I don’t get sulky!

Taemin: Uh, hyung does. Key: Yes, you do.

3. Which member do you want to date if you were a girl?

Minho: Wait, what if I want to do all except for this member?

Taemin: Uh, everyone picked his own name.

Minho: How can you do so?

Jonghyun, Key: I want to date with myself.

Jonghyun: It’s not like we’re going to marry.

Key: He thinks similar to me. I’ll change to Jonghyun hyung.

4. Which member is likely to get married first?

Taemin: Unanimous.

Jonghyun: Those who declares they would marry early end up not getting married.

Minho: Then, I’ll change to Jonghyun hyung.

5. Which member loses things most?

Key, Jonghyun: Ah, there are two.

Taemin: Wait, wait.

Minho: No explanation needed for these two. Losing a cell phone here, and losing a wallet over there.

Key: Even now, they might have lost something.

Onew: They’ll ask us in a minute.

Minho: They might lose this in a minute.

6. Which member is the most meticulous?

Onew: Key-goon also picked himself.

Key: It’s me!

Jonghyun: He’s very meticulous. Very mindful of details. Why did Minho pick me? I’m not meticulous at all.

Minho: He is in certain parts.

Jonghyun: If Minho-goon picks me, I get anxious. Why did he pick me?

Key: I even get annoyed by my meticulous side. But I can’t help it.

Jonghyun: You were born that way.

Key: (Speaking in Japanese)

Taemin: So desuka? (Is it so?)

Jonghyun: What did he say?

Taemin: Ah, he said he’s annoyed by his meticulous side.

Key: Wow.

Minho: Taemin-ah!

[Rough translation by jujugal]

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SM Brothers got together as one @ the city of Paris

Credit: kyuhyun’s twitter

SMENT’S Lee Soo Man on expanding Korean Wave

The Korean Wave is advancing into Europe. Korea’s largest showbiz management agency SM Entertainment is making the first move with “SM Town Live” at the 6,700 capacity concert venue Le Zenith de Paris on June 10 and 11.

The concerts proved extremely popular, with tickets for the first show selling out online in just 10 minutes. SM Entertainment originally planned to hold just one concert, but on May 1 several hundred French K-pop fans demonstrated in front of the Louvre and demanded a second.

SM founder and CEO Lee Soo-man is the person who is leading the bold move. “At one point, I was worried that we might be making reckless investment in something that could happen only in the far future,” he told the Chosun Ilbo from the U.S. “But the plans to globalize our pop culture that we’ve been quietly preparing for more than a decade are starting to bear fruit.”

SM Town Live in Paris will feature five popular Korean bands — TVXQ, Girls’ Generation, Super Junior, SHINee, and f(x).

“We’ve been building relationships and content with composers in various countries for a long time to globalize K-pop,” Lee said. “This series of concerts is the fruit of those long-term efforts. SM has a pool of over 300 composers and producers in the U.S. and Europe, so we’re capable of producing music that can appeal to people all over the world. I’m confident that we can captivate young people in France, the U.S., Britain and Germany with our music.”

Asked about criticism that Korean-style showbiz management relies on “slave” contracts that bind singers and actors to their agencies for 10 years or more, Lee said, “These criticisms come from people who don’t realize that this system is the driving force of the globalization of the Korean Wave. We select talented youngsters with a lot of potential at an early age, and nurture them into highly competitive entertainers through rigorous training.”

But he claimed agencies are “also committed to giving them a normal education. There is a limit to American and European agency system as it only makes investment in already proven stars. But in Korea, we have a system that constantly discovers new stars. There is no place for those who seek a windfall or jackpot with a one-off investment in the Korean entertainment industry. We have produced stars through long-term planning and investment.” In fact, he insisted the U.S. and Europe “are trying to learn from our system these days.”

Source: [english chosun]
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Do You Know What Your Idol Group Name Means…?

As a K-Pop fan, have you ever wondered what all the letters, initials, and numbers symbolize for idol group names? Although I was aware of the meanings behind the names of some group, some of them were just way off from what I guessed! While I found some of the meanings of the names are quite witty and clever, I was amazed by how cheesy and silly others were. Here is a guide to some of the male idol group names’ origins and meanings! Hope you find it useful and entertaining! ;)

Big Bang

The name ‘Big Bang’ is derived from the “Big Bang Theory” of the origin of the universe. The group is like that ‘Big Bang’ of the universe, as they make an explosion into the music industry to “transform the stereotypical ‘Idol star’ market” of today.


‘DBSK’ stands for Dong Bang Shin Ki and means “Gods Rising from the East.”


JYJ is named after the intials of the three members of the group Jaejoong,’ ‘Yoochun,’ and ‘Junsu.’


‘2AM’ is when people get emotional as they reflect alone upon the things that happened during the day. The group’s aim is to feature songs which express such emotional depth and sensitivity.


‘2PM’ is the most active and pumped time of the day. The group’s aim is to make such energetic and passionate music.  


‘CN’ is an abbreviation of “Code Name’ while “BLUE” stands for the images of each individual members: ‘Burning’ represents Lee Jong Hyun, ‘Lovely’ represents Kang Min Hyuk, ‘Untouchable’ represents Lee Jung Shin, and ‘Emotion’ represents Jung Yong Hwa.

Super Junior

The thirteen member boy band’s name ‘Super Junior’ represents that the time when the members were young as SM trainees and were considered the best (‘super’) in every field!


The double S stands for Super Stars, while the 501 symbolizes that the five members are one forever.


‘MBLAQ’ stands for “Music Boys Live in Absolute Quality.”


Derived from the word ‘shiny,’ it means a person who is always in the spotlight.


‘UKISS’ is an abbreviation of “Ubiquitous Korean International Super Star”


‘BEAST’ stands for “Boys of EAst Standing Tall”

F.T. Island

‘FT Island’ stands for “Five Treasure Island.”Each member aims to become ‘treasure-like’ artists through their undiscovered potential and musical talents.

SNSD (Girls’ Generation)

The name signifies “the time (generation) has come for the girls to take over the world.”


Each group member aims to show off their unique talents and charms through various musical activities, just like how the mathematical result of the function f(x) changes each time based on the different ‘x’s. The name is also a play on the mathematical notation for function, with “f” representing “flower” and “x” signifying the female’s double X chromosome.


2NE1’ stands for “New Evolution of the 21st Century.”

miss A

miss A’ signifies that they will cultivate A-class talents in everything they do and become the best in Asia

Wonder Girls

Literally girls who make you ‘wonder’ and marvel!

After School

After School’ signifies the sense of freedom that students feel ‘after school’ and how they show off their talents and have a fun time while enjoying such freedom.


4minute’ means that the girls will captivate the fans with their charms within 4 minutes. It also signifies ‘for minute,’ that they will always try their best for every minute.


The name ‘Kara’ comes from the Greek word “chara” (“joy”), which the group interpreted as “sweet melody.”


The name ‘T-ara’ connotes their aim to emerge as the queen in the music industry and wear a beautiful jeweled ‘tiara.’

Credit: cherryspirit @ soompi

[Eng Hardsub] Taemin @ Oh! My School Episode

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Credit: PikeYennyQOM @ YT

SHINee on Sakigake!


Today’s artist!! SHINee~ Everyone signed on it, and Minho-ssi wrote the letter “魁!” He did his best in unfamiliar kanji. It takes time for a foreign artist to write (in kanji), but he surprisingly wrote it fast. SHINee kindly came to the studio and on location. They are very nice and close to each other. It was a nice time. To be aired at 25:40, 22 June! 

source: fujitv/sakigake

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Story on a coordinator noona.

[ still unsure if the post about the coordinator is real or fake.] 

This is whats spreading in facebook. So I just copy n paste to let b2uties read.
” Okay One of the korean B2UTIES (cr: Gina Lee) inboxed me yesterday, it’s about B2ST’s coordi noona. Here i will copy and paste. Admin J.NA (From the Yong junhyung page) is making a petiton so i’m posting this so B2UTIES won’t get confused :l

This is what the korean B2UTY inboxed me: 

Anyway, i was just surfing the korean net just few hours ago and i found something very upsetting.

Just the background first. Within the idol groups, there is one particular coordinator. She was first a dbsk coordinator, then she became snsd’s. then after than she became lee hyo ris, then became shinees just recently. the problem is that shes been known really famous with ALL idol fandoms that she is a mean, harsh, disobedient, a fox, and a pervert. With the dbsk fans they were really angry with her, because she touched their bodies more then she needed to, and pretended to be so cute with the members. When having fan meetings, (shinee time) she would stick right next to the members and glare at the fans who get signatures and look down at them. When the fans send fan letters and presents etc to the members, the managers and the coordinator’s job is to just give it to the members. But this coordinator, would open them up herself, and read it then rip it and put it in the bin without letting anyone know. When she was a coordinator for snsd, she wold wear her tracksuit to work and be careless with her job. But when she works with shinee and dbsk, she would wear miniskirts and keep back hugging them infront of everyone. 

This is one story that a shinee fan had explained. She was a normal kroean highschool student, and she went to this shinee fan meeting with her friends. She tried to meet her biases and she was so excited. But the coordinator was there, and made a huge change. When the members weren’t seeing she would push the fan’s heads with her hair brush telling them to f**k out of her way, and look down on them. Once as a joke at the fan meeting this fan yelled loudly “jonghyun oppa! marry me!” and all the members took it as a joke and laughed at it, and then dunno why but the coordinator got involved and yelled back “Hes not going to marry a stupid and ugly idiot like you, ur hopes should be gone!!!!!” and then the place went all quiet.

After the fan meeting, this group of girls were standing, and then complained to the coordinator when she went by. the coordinator swore at them and laughed at them with pity, and asked “you guys are so stupid. Is this really a big thing - to see a celebrity? i see shinee’s naked body everyday.” and brag about it.

Then, the fans were so upset that they tried to leave the spot, and then suddenly the coordinator took one of their girls hand and then rushed to search for a phone in their pocket. She was looking through the fone and then said “phew, good thing you guys weren’t recording what i’ve said. I would have killled you guys if you did” then she threw one of the fan’s fone at pitched it at the ground and left the spot. 

Also at this showcase - backstage, where all fans could see, apparently jonghyun’s zipper was down =,= she could have just told him to put it up, instead she put the zipper up herself. The fans got mad and called her a perve, and she didn’t seem to mind. She would act so kindly to the male idols and would be a rude, bitch, and an antagonist to the fans and the girls. She is like a legend to all fandoms, and when she moved to shinee the dbsk fans warned shinee fans about her because they had to deal with her before. The thing why i am telling you this, is because..


Right now on naver (korean site) is crraaaaaazzy with b2uties being upset. That legend has moved to work with beast, and everyone is sad about what would happen next. I’ve always heard about this coordinator for the past “6” years from when she was working with dbsk - from their debut. She was a bitch, and everyone thought of her as a pervert. I can send you pics and that if you want me to. this really isn’t just a “Fan” problem, she got sacked by sm entertainent, jyp entertainment, then 2 other entertainments for her misbehaviour and fan treatment. Now she is with Cube entertainment. She has already began her actions, beast just recently had their fan meeting and she would stick right next to them and wont move. A korean b2uty asked her to give her drawing to junhyung oppa, and explained it took 16 hours to draw. apparently her dream was to be an artist and she was amazing. But the coordinator looked at the drawing, smirked and ripped it into pieces on the spot and put in the bin, then went to back hug junhyung.

The korean fans know, few days ago after inkigayo, you know how managers and coordinators are liek… 24/7 next to groups. She was back hugging junhyung tightly, and the members just usually took it as a joke and being friendly. But she was always like that. Few hours ago why this rose agains is because after inkigayo or something i dunno xDD

after their performance when they were leaving to their vans there was a fancam recording junhyung back hugging the coordinator as he was walking, and being friendly. B2uties were hell angry.

Yeahh, thats the story. Its much more serious than you think, i’ve been reading blogs off korean b2uties and some of their words are like :

“To you, we may be nothing ; just like you treat us as rubbish. We buy 20 albums so we can get 1 signature of beast, and wait for days at the door of music bank etc to see beast just for 3 minutes on stage. When beast cry we cry, when they are happy we are happy. When i have hard times i push myself to feel positive because i can see beast. It doesn’t matter beast doesn’t know my face, because i know them. It doesn’t matter that they dont love me as a person, because i love them. To you we might be mental, but this is how all fans feel. Korean fans - us, we draw beast for 20 hours rubbing out, drawing, rubbing out and drawing all over again by the thought that beast might not like it. We take the time to just see the face of beast when they see our drawings, and you just rip them into pieces and leave to hold hands with beast. Is this how you could treat us?”

=,= TT-TT the net is like… crazy. I can give you the link to where junhyung , like playing with the coordinator.

well this is the story. You know how the different group fans always fight against each other. And do u know about beast ten minute? It was where last year in the dream concert when beast performance was on, the other fans would just sit there quietly for 10 minutes. Beast cried, and blaaaaah. -,-

But as soon as everyone knew this coordinator is now with beast, the shinee fans are warning each and every b2uties about her. im so upset TT-TT im hoping nothing bad will happen to beast. BTW jonghyun was hit on the head and psychically abused a lot by this coordinator on backstages. Im just hoping junhyung wouldn’t hurt our fans feelings and would understand us. And not be too friendlY! :(“

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Gorgeous Taemin @ SM TOWN Live World Tour Concert in Paris 2nd Day



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Jongkey sweetest moment since 2008 <3

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